Microsoft cloud storage , July 2024 review

Microsoft is the oldest tech brand to offer cloud services, with its foray into the cloud business spanning both a file storage service -- currently named OneDrive -- as well as application cloud services under the umbrella name Azure.

Initially launched in August 2007 [1] -- 16 years, 11 months to date -- OneDrive as it's known today, has undergone several incarnations, being previously known as: SkyDrive, Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Folders. OneDrive is available in both personal and business plans, starting with free file cloud storage plans, up to paid plans of $150 (USD) a year per user that include Microsoft's Office 365 suite license.

The Micrsoft Azure platform offers over 50+ products and services focused on application cloud storage and was launched in February 2010[2].

Microsoft cloud storage feature table

Provider.Plan Categories Storage limit
Provider.Plan Categories Storage limit
Microsoft OneDrive 1 5 free 5 GB* [1]